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That is so awsome

It really is.

HAHAHA funny funny FUNNY

you forgot to thank the acid youve been taking to come up with this stuff. Nice work though, its sad to see arfenhouse go... :'(

That was alright

I gave you a 5 cause this is your first animation. It was pretty decent. Normally i see crappy stick people for a first animation, but this was good. nice job and keep it up. (I gave you low on style because i dont like anime or anime music :) )

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That was awsome

I got to level 19, and then the infanrty rushed me. My aa guns held off the helis fine, but the infantry.... there were so many! In the end I was just clicking the buy health button as fast as I could.... I then lost :(

Nice game. In the next one (if you do it) put more weapons in there, and more enemys. Otherwise you did a great job :)

Very Nice Work

That is an awsome game! Great concept and really addictive. I'll be looking out for more of your stuff.

Haha good game

But was it worth jumping to my death for $124... i dont know..

Kenney responds:

Hm, ya you're right it doesn't even buy you a Wii. $124 is not just worth jumping...

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I really love my drum and bass

and woah, this is kick ass. I can see Noisia or an artist like that using this one day. The bass feels awsome. I didnt actually think this would be good when I saw it, I thought it would suck like a lot of the other d'n'b posts here, but seriously, i am going to make love to this track.


I have never reviewed audio before, but this changed my mind. THIS IS AWSOME! make more hardcore/happy hardcore, and i will be listening

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